Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another awesome week

Baptism of Tehina
Ia ora na, tatou! Well it`s been another awesome week here in Tahiti. (I`m typing on a french key board right now, so forgive me if there are any mistakes in this.) We baptized Tehina (tay-hee-nah) this week! It was absolutely awesome! It`s been a long time since I`ve even been to a baptizm, It`s even better as a missionary. She already wants to serve a mission herself and I have no doubt that she will. Infact she`ll probably leave before I get back. We also had Steven (stee-vin) come to church for the first time. Geez that kid is smart! He stayed with us for class and he kept answering all the questions before anybody else could. We`re going to set a date on wednesday for him. We also have been focusing on Poerani (poh-ay-rah-nee) a lot this week. We set a date for her baptizm for the 3rd of september, the same day that she is getting married to her boyfriend that she is living with so she can be baptized.

Elder Purau was pretty sick this week from a virus from the mosquitoes. It was good stuff. He had a raging fever, pain in all his joints, sore throught, cough, the whole nine yards. Needless to say, we`ve been not teaching as much this week. He went to the doctor and they gave him some stuff that seems to have fixed it. Also I guess fresh coconut water can work miracles too. I`m not quite sure how I don`t have that same thing. The mosquitoes are eating me alive. It`s a little better now but the first week was bad.  My companion is still not as strict as I expected a trainer to be. Actually no one in our house is. It`s not extremely terrible, we still get some good stuff done but in my opinion, we could do a lot more.

The food here is absolutely delicious by the way. I`m not looking forward to american food again. Poisson crue is one of my favorites I think. I also like the steak-frites though. makes me think of Padre every time I eat it. It`s a big old steak cut fairly thin, but with a giant heaping full plate of fries underneath it along with a kind of sauce. Even with all that I actually have lost a bunch of weight. Everyone else has too. I saw most of my buds from the MTC the other day at a zone conference and all the Elders have lost a good five or six pounds. I actually have Sister Daniels and Elder Meyer in my district so I get to see them quite a bit.
                                   Our investigators in front of the Temple
      I`ll give my testimony this week that God works miracles all the time, but you have to have your eyes open to see them. Here in the mission field, God is a little less restained in his miracles and they can be really spectacular here sometimes because this is where they really matter, but they happen every day back home too. That`s something I learned in the zone conference this week where we had two members of the seventy talk to us, but It made me realize how true it is. Also read 2 Nephi 9. It`s about different stuff but I read that this week and holy cow, it`s absolutely packed with good stuff.
      Well I`m going to try  and send some more pictures this week so I`d better get rolling on that. I actually have more than an hour for email here, so that`s cool but pictures take forever to upload here. 
Also here is my address.

Tahiti Papeete Mission
Elder Clements, Dakodta
B.P. 93
Papeete, Tahiti 98713
French Polynesia  

Well, God bless you all! Till next week.
-Orometua Clements
that`s Tehina in the middle on top, Poerani on the left, and Soeur Liline on the right. They`re are good friends. I can`t remember the names of the kids.