Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The ER in Easter

     Ya more like Easter in the ER. News of the week goes to the most unique (for lack of a more optimistic word) Easter I've ever had. I spent the entire Easter morning in the ER.....pretty lame. So Saturday night we actually had some pretty cool miracles but then when we got back to the house I was sitting around watching my companion get his hair cut when I felt something land on my neck. I brushed it off and found out pretty quickly what it was: a honey bee. This honey bee managed to sting me on the middle finger as I brushed it off which...hurt A LOT! It went away after a while but the swelling went from normal (making my finger look like a snow man) to abnormal (making most of my hand look like the Michelin man hand) in about 1 hour. So I called sister Bize up and she just told me to see how it was in the morning. Woke up and found my entire hand and most of my forearm swollen to the point I couldn't even move it. Sister Bize told me to head up to the ER in Papeete. So after an hour drive and a 3 1/2 hour wait I got into the ER but got pretty much no help. I was gonna say something mean but I'll just say I pretty much got NO help and now my hand is still the size of a big-mac. Anyway I counted my blessings and am glad the Lord was resurrected for me and that He saved me from my sins. #PRINCEdelaPAIX
we had a super good fire side on the expiation of Jesus Christ and it brought the spirit a lot. K, I'm gonna have to leave y'all now. have a good one.

     Well p-days have just gotten busy so I don't have time. This week we had a part of our missionary program  that we organized a while back. I gave a talk with my comp and pdt tupai. I'm pretty much just trying to help my zone be successful before I leave which is SO MUCH WORK. but ya its going well and now we have the most baptisms fixed in the mission which is cool.  Actually i gotta go sorry bye. Oh ya my hands fine now.
-Elder Clements

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No time

     Ya so I had to drive like 300 miles today to do transfers. I was busy all day! I didn't get transferred and neither did my comp. went to leadership council and it was cool. I'm gonna be so busy during these last couple weeks which is totally cool. Shout out to my father who is now a "grand prêtre" or high priest. Congrats for the calling pops! You'll do great. Alright family see you six weeks!
-Elder Clements

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

La conférence générale d'avril

     So there you have it. Conference has come and gone again. This was the last one I'll see on mission and I dare say one of the most edifying I've watched. I'll just add right now that the mission rule has...changed (or been made known rather) that we are only allowed one hour of computer time. Which makes sense I guess and is fine because I only have a few p-days left anyway.  I'm just not going to write as much anymore. 
     So I shall just say that one of the biggest lessons I learned is about following the spirit. I was very moved by Ronald A. Rasband's talk about the Holy Spirit and what I really learned is that I need to follow the FIRST prompting and not waste time wondering if it was my thoughts or not. This will allow me to miss a lot less opportunities and help me gain more faith and confidence in Jesus Christ. I just looked at Bro's email and saw that he got something very similar. It's a pretty important principle as a missionary. Well I'm pretty much out of time so I'll head out and send pics. The Lord lives and it is only by Jesus Christ that we can be saved and repent. I know that this conférence was inspired of God and that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophète. K, have a good one.
-Elder Clements

Last p-day we did a tour of the Tahitian Noni facilities because the manager is the elders quorum president in our ward. He's from Utah!

3/27/17 Many are called but few are chosen

This week was a bit rough but we were able to fix a couple baptisms...but un-fixed the two that we had. 
One has had problems with her family but is now ready to fix the date. It's a little far, the 25th of May and I won't even be there!! but I guess that's life.
Another Is a girl that we found a while ago and now feels the power of the things we teach her and will be baptized the 24th of April.
     Ya this week was just a bit difficult because there was a lot of things cancelled and just didn't go well. Plus the Elder that made dad's tie and one of our best missionaries, who is the district leader of the australe islands got his arm broken and has to be transferred back to Tahiti and into another zone because his companion pushed him off his bike. That made me pretty mad actually because we really needed him down there.  AAHH!! Oh well, I need something to exercise my love and patience. 
     The Rough week ended yesterday for sure when we had our stake conference. The adult session on Saturday night was really good too but the general session yesterday took the cake and was even life changing. It was the best stake conference I have ever been to. All the talks were very good and most were even focused on doing more missionary work which of course is wonderful, the choir was beautiful, and president Bize and sister Bize gave some amazing talks as well. President Bize started the pounding of spiritual machine gun fire by explaining the real meaning of the scripture "many are called but few are chosen" by a story about a branch president that was called who president was pretty hesitant to call because he wasn't super great at anything but the only other options, who were perfect for the calling, didn't pay their tithing and disqualified themselves for that calling. Thus many are called but few are chosen. After that president Tupai (our stake president) gave an amazing talk about the same thing but also how we need to consecrate our lives more to the Lord. It was a very powerful talk and to end it he gave a blessing to the entire stake (like "by the authority..." and everything) so that we may be more consecrated to the Lord. I didn't even know we could do that but the Holy Ghost was so strong. I haven't felt like that during a talk since the MTC. I'm glad to have a stake presidency that is consecrated to the Lord and cares so much about the members in their stake. As a result I also will make more of an effort to consecrate my life fully to the Lord. He lives and He is our perfect example and following Him in all that we do and being ready sacrifice in doing it will always bring us joy and we will never regret it. I love you all. Have a good week.
-Elder Clements