Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Short on time

Hello everybody, I don't have quite as much time this week to email. I am actually not with Elder Purau right now, he'll be back later this week. Until then I will be with Elders Guilleux (a utahn) and Teahua (from Bora Bora). They're great but I already miss my companion.

     Well this week we taught quite a few more lessons and had some cool experiences. We had one of our investigators, Mareto, ASK for a tour of the chapel. That was a miracle this week and almost unheard of. He really hasn't been progressing much until that but now things are looking up for him. We also had a service project with Roger, one of our investigators and a professional boxer. He's really cool and I think that service project softened his heart a little. We will be asking him to be baptized this week I believe.
     I actually don't have a lot more to say this week. I've been making lists of things I want to talk about each week but I didn't make one this week. I'm still improving in every aspect of the work and really starting to be able to hold my own with the language and also in lessons. I've started thinking in french a lot more which is making my french a lot better. We are plagued by mosquitoes right now because it rained a bunch and now its hot again but oh well I guess.
    Well I've got to get going but I'll send a few pictures this week.
Avec amour - Elder Clements
      This is Poerani who got baptized and married last week, and her family.