Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monday 9/26 On my mind...


I wish I could describe how good this mango was!

     Well the single thing I think on all your minds today is that bro goes on a mission tomorrow at 5 am!!! I can say as well that that has been in the back of my mind (or the not so back) this week. I'm also just baffled at how close bro was on his pilot licence!!! What a last minute miracle. I guess God has his way of doing things. Wow. I remember how weird it was when I went to the MTC a year and a quarter ago. The very numb feeling that happens for that couple days before going in and then the warm strong welcome from God on the other side. All I've got to say is just that it's going to take some submitting of our personal wills to the Father. Eternal perspective brings about happiness in all situations. 
     Well, as far as this week for me it was great. We had stake conference yesterday and an area seventy, Elder Coward, came down from new Zealand to talk to us and it was absolutely awesome. Such a powerful talk that for a bit was focused on how an RM should act and that was a good reminder for me. Plus his accent was just gright. lol. The choir was full of angels too. I couldn't believe how powerful that little Tahitian choir was but It was like the Mormon tabernacle choir! Very cool.

Elder Packer with a hoard of children

     Had a classic miracle happen this week. We were...I think tracting is the word in a neighborhood with big dogs and french atheists, (open hearts at every turn right?) when it started to rain. There was an inactive guy nearby that we figured we'd invite to the stake conference and maybe get some shelter. Sure enough, he invited us in and immediately his non-member wife came out and almost directly asked if she could take the lessons because she had taken them a few years back!! Of course the rain immediately stopped and the road even dried up before we finished the lesson. God doesn't even hide his miracles sometimes.
-Elder Clements