Thursday, January 12, 2017

Changes on the radar

     Good afternoon, it is I once again. I am still in Pirae....Since I'm bro's with the assistants they hint to me that I might not be transferred after the 7 MONTHS that I've been here. Well alright then!! 8 1/2 months in one secteur ain't a problem. I'll just know everyone REALLY well. So ya that's not what's changing. What's changing is the entire mission. locally and worldwide evidently. Bruther, I don't know if you've heard about this but you will the 25th if not during the worldwide meeting thing. As for the Tahiti Papeete mission, we no longer get up at 6:30!!! we get up at 6:00am and possibly at 5:30am next transfer. We do planning in the morning, our companionship study is 30 minutes instead of an hour as well as training for new missionaries. We come back at 8:30pm and sleep at 10:00pm. So that's SUPER different but I love it. Evidently the church is trying to adapt the missionary schedule to the region where they are. Here, people get up early and sleep early so with this schedule we have more time available. It's really cool. Another change is just an even more extreme transfer than the last one. It's already started and it's going to involve a bunch of replacing sisters with elders and elders with sisters so next Monday I will officially be the church moving van and I don't know if that will leave me time to email so, till we meet again people! 
     Aside from all that hectic business our new converts are doing very well. One of them received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and even bore his testimony!!!!! It was so awesome. It's things like that that strengthen my testimony that this church is true and lead by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's been really really cool to see that light that has come into his life because of this gospel. That light is spreading and his parents and they have even started reading the Book of Mormon with him. Nifty ain't it? Well everybody I love you much and wish you the best. 
-Elder Clements