Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Letter #4 June 23, 2015

It's that time of the week again! It's been yet another great work. Not really much new has happened except learning and teaching still. I guess that's a lot actually. There really is no better place to learn than here in the MTC. I'm progressing fairly well in tahitian and I'm finally starting to learn the scriptures a little better. We hardly use any notes in our lessons anymore and of course they're still in Tahitian. Sunday was so great this week. Probably because it was fathers day. I hope padre liked his hymn book! I like mine and I thought he would want one. I'll bet he didn't notice which hymn was marked. I missed my Padre (and everyone) but instead I spent the day gettting to know better my other father - the one that is in heaven. I felt his love a lot on sunday. It's so interesting how everything that happens here is amplified many times over, especially the Holy Ghost. I saw Chandler!!!! I mean Elder Stephens haha. It was one of those reuniting moments in the movies of course haha. This week is going to be interesting. There is a new mission president seminar this week and all of the general authorities will be on campus...so very likely I'll see at least one and possibly meet one. I hope I get to meet President Uchtdorff, that'd be cool. Anyway, I've run out of stuff to say. Till next week!

Ua here au ia outou!
-Orometua Clements

  Elder Garff  & Elder Clements (Dakodta's companion)
 Elder Meyer, Elder Cooley, Elder Ruff

             Sisters in his district
Washing his BRIGHT whites