Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Letter #3 June 16, 2015

It's P-day again!! I appreciate the pictures. Everybody loved how big Max is. This week was pretty fantastic but also the week that I started to miss stuff. I had a Journey song pop into my head and that really made me miss home, you know...no music. I end up just singing it all my self whilst I'm in the shower or walking around the rez. I also sing a lot of hymns too because they're really good and stuff. I sent my letters yesterday. It took me approximately forever to do it because I could only write one a day and I wrote one to the Garff family. They're so nice! They just sent me yet another giant package with more cookies and a tahitian flag. Oh another thing  I miss here...the world. In here there are tall buildings and all of the walkways are covered so I have to savor our temple walks and P-days. It's the strangest thing to go outside the MTC because I keep forgetting that cars and non missionary people exist. Story of the week is that I'm famous in the choir now...thanks to Elder Meyer. I was sitting nest to him in the tenor section and you know how they sometimes scan through the choir with the cameras? Anyway, of course your not supposed to do anything but look at the choir director while our singing and pretty much everyone does. So we were just practicing and Elder Meyer taps me on the leg and as I swing my head over to see what he wants, I see something flash across he screen that looked alot like the action I had just made. SURE ENOUGH!! I looked up at the screen and there I was, laughing like a mad man and already beet red. It stayed on me for like 7 seconds and I was front and center of the 6 people on the screen. good stuff. Everyone afterwards was like "hey your that Elder!!". "In the flesh" I would say.  By the way, I've gained a little weight. I'm like 185 ish now I think. They feed you well here. I'm super pumped to see Chandler...I mean Elder Stephens. I'm going to email him shortly. Sunday was great. I gave a talk in sacrament...all in tahitian, I taught the lesson in district meeting, I became the sacrament coordinator for our zone, etc. It's a busy life but I'm learning so much It's pouring out my ears. My testimony is also growing which is something I've needed and I am usually very focused in class and study now. Our two investigators are beginning to turn into slightly more challenging investigators but that's good for us. We don't teach by a script anymore, we can actually way most things in tahitian...although it's broken and simple still. My companion and I disagree on teaching styles alot but we'll make it through. The problem with him is he knows so much about the scriptures and doctrine that he forgets that these people are not going to have a clue what he is talking about if he starts talking about it like he normally does. The problem with me is that I don't know anything about the scriptures compared to most people here and I don't really know doctrine that well either. So ya, we'll find a balance eventually. We've got plenty of time to. Sister Stone is better but she still isn't great. But she's getting better so that's good.  I gotta go I just realized. I miss you all. The church really is true, and God loves us all. Wow that sounds wierd coming from my mouth, oh well. It's true so who cares. until next week.

Ua here au ia tatou!
-Orometua Clements