Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter #1 June 2, 2015

    Ia ora na to'u utuafare!! I have so many things I'd like to tell you all but I only have an hour so lets see what I can crank out. So as you may be able to tell, I'm learning Tahitian, not French. They changed it because my district is the last ever to learn the language in the ya pretty special haha. The MTC is awesome! It's definitely hard, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. However it's a good kind of hard and I have learned SO MUCH! Today is tuesday. I haven't even been here a week and I have already taught 4 lessons to our investigator, Vetea Chater. (He's not a real investigator but to us he is) Oh by the way, we did not say a single word in english in any of the lessons. My companion is Elder Garff. He's such a great guy, and he knows WAY more about the scriptures and all that, than I do. He's from the beautiful, exotic, far off land called Salt Lake City and we have literally nothing in common except why we're here...which is the only thing that's important so we actually get along very well. He's a super happy guy that knows a lot about the gospel and I think is that is the kind of companion I need, at least for a while. Also, try and think of where you've heard the last name Garff........Billboard's maybe? Radio? That's right, he's the great grandson of Ken Garff and heir to the throne of Ken Garff auto. His dad's the CEO right now. What I like is that he doesn't act like a rich kid or arrogant or anything. He's just a Elder here to share the gospel and I look up to him for that...even though I'm the senior companion. To answer Alaycia's question's, yes I've made loads of friends. My district and the other Tahitian district mostly, but also every one in my branch. A lot of them are sisters too. They're really cool. They are as follows Elder Cooley (Utah, who cares where but he's one of my bff's ), Elder Meyer (Utah, and this guy is the funniest and no one knows it. He looks like Leonard Nimoy, he's super shy, but he's always pointing out the strangest things like birds and little doors for little men...and no he's not special, just funny like that.), Elder Ruff (Somewhere is colorado, and Rowan Atkinson's doppleganger), Sister Stone (San francisco), Sister Pita (Sydney Australia, we all try and imitate her accent), Sister Kelsey (Idaho, potato farm probably), and Sister Daniels (again somewhere in Utah.) These guys are already some of my best friends! The food here is actually really good and I've been trying to eat a bit healthier. They have great salads so I have one almost every meal. And no I haven't really had low blood sugar at all so that's cool! Bro, you punk, I can't read that but I'll have someone translate it. My departure date is August 10th I think, so ya the full 12 weeks. I got the package, Mauruuruu roa! (thanks much) I'm not sure if I will need the suit...but I've worn mine every day :( I just wear the other slacks with it and short sleeve shirts and it's ok so I'll probably be alright. Also, I can get mail and packages anytime...just saying. I will get pictures to you ASAP now that I have the SD card. I have to go soon cuz I can't type very fast. This place is so great, I can't even tell you. The spirit is so strong all the time. I learned more about why I'm here on sunday. I got to see a talk by Elder Bednar, and let me tell you, when that man ain't in conference, he says what he wants. He was awesome though and I realize now that I need to focus more on the people I will be teaching and not myself. In fact that is absolutely necessary. Anyway, I've got to go do my laundry, I miss you all and I talk to you later, send letters. Nana! (goodbye)