Monday, June 15, 2015

Letter #2 June 9, 2015

Alright! Eaha to'oe huru?!Had yet another good week. I was at the temple this morning, that's always my favorite. We've made a tradition out of catching the first session of the day and then eating in the cafeteria there. That's good eatin'. I've been getting your packages and those are the best. I'll try and find some more time to write letters but I haven't had much yet. I HAVE had the time to take pictures though so here you go. This week we did loads. D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to us and that was really cool. Because I'm in the choir I got to sing to was cool! He had a really nice talk. Saturday was a bit different. We were studying in the afternoon when Sister Stone started getting mighty quiet. Which for her is very unusual. Her and Sister Pita left and after our study I went to go take a break. She had just been throwing up a bunch of blood. We eventually decided we'd all give her a blessing before sending her off to the nurse. We gave her the blessing and she started to feel a little better but we sent her off anyway. She felt pretty crappy the rest of the night I guess but she didn't have any more problems. She's been fine ever since. It was still cool to be able to give her a blessing and knowing that we should. Elder Garff gave it and it was very nice. I got a package from Elder Garff's family this week along with a very nice letter! They're just the nicest people. They sent me SO much stuff. I took a picture of it. I've been getting along well with my district and we all act like we've known each other for forever. I don't remember if I said but my companion is my polar opposite but I've come to realize that that is a blessing because then we won't get distracted talking about things we have in common...because we have none. Like literally, besides our reason for being here. I've still been adjusting to the schedule and I'm...usually on time. Except in the morning but I'm getting better. My tahitian is going maita'i roa (that's very good). A ani manihini i te mau taata ia haere mai... the works! yesterday we taught our first lesson without a script! of course it was all in tahitian. We commited our investigator to being baptized which was cool. He's still hesitant but that's ok. I swear I had so much more to say but I can't remember anything...I'll bring my journal next time. And yes, I've been writing in it.
​ok I guess I'll send more pics in another email.
Ua here raua! (love y'all)

Orometua Clements