Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter #9 July 28, 2015


Je vais vous ecrit en friancais seulement je blague. Ya, I'm just kidding. I'm not going to write you all in french. Well how goes it back in the middle of nowhere? I'm not in the states for very much longer. I've been working hard these last few weeks and I'll work even harder these next two. T minus thirteen days. We get our travel plans on friday and I'm sure we'll about jump out of our skin. I'll tell you next week when I'm going to call.  And also I don't have a time limit! Infact I can call from SLC and LAX so I probably will. I just can't call from Tahiti.
     As for the week, It really has been a great one. It hit us all that we will be in Tahiti in less than two weeks and so we kicked it up a notch. I'm way excited but also realize how much I still need to polish up before hitting the streets of Tahiti. I've actually been running the last couple weeks. I've decided that I really think that it's a thing I enjoy now...not really, It sucks but I'm just trying to get in shape for Tahiti. I ran a mile in 7:51 the other day which was my goal to get it under 8 minutes. I about keeled over dead! But I did it and narrowly escaped passing out so I guess that's good. I really am not in shape.
Funny story of the week. Sister Johnson, one of our teachers, told us about a time her and Brother Hapairai went to the library together, cuz He'd never been to the Provo library I guess. She says they were just sitting there, Sister Johnson studying whatever and Brother Hapairai getting bored because it's a library. So he leaves for a bit and comes back with the human skeleton that sits by the door and proceeds to disassemble it right then and there! I guess he asked but still weird. He's an 8 year old stuck in a 25 year old 250 pound polynesian body. He's always doing weird stuff like that. Picking up Elder ruff and shaking him around as he's walking down the hallway, singing I am a child of God very softly in tahitian as he waddles around the building, making fun of us in all languages, the works. I love my teachers, they're the meilleur (best). 
     We had an english fast the other day, and yes, it's what it sounds like. No english, or Tahtian for that matter. Just French. That was absolutely exhausting but it really helped a lot with my french. Oh ya, Sister S did go home. 
Oh ya, could you send me some stories about our ancestors? I never got any and I watched a thing that helped me realize how I can use those, so that'd just awesome if you could. Well good  luck everybody, I hope you're all strong in the church back home and becoming more so! It's all true, and not only true but it changes lives or the better everyday, I've seen it. Au revoir.

Elder Clements