Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Letter # 8 July 21, 2015

          8 weeks in.... sanity levels low

Ia ora na, Bonjour, Previat, Ni hao, and Hello. I don't know what language to use. Well It's been another good week here in the MTC but kind of a long and crazy one. Sister T I told you all about was transferred to Las Vegas and she is already in the field. We were pretty sad to see her go but we're way happy for her. I guess she's already had miracles happen and I'm even more excited to be in the field. Evidently Sister S is going home we found out yesterday. Anxiety and OCD I guess. I'm not exactly sure what the deal is. She was put with a different companionship yesterday because of some serious tension in her companionship and announced later that she was going home. It's a little weird and I personally think it will change but for now, I guess she's going home.

As for me and my companion, we're finally getting along really well. We had a couple weeks that we were just tollerating each others presence but we've woken up this last week and we get along really well. Our lessons build on what each other says, we help each other with the language, our testimonies grow, It's great, I LOVE it.

 ... I'll take missionary models for $500 please. BING. What is Elders Garff and Clements?  That's correct!

 I don't remember if I told you but the temple breakfast is excellent. We have it every week. I really am starting to feel like a missionary finally (wierd huh?). I look at my name tag and just realize that I am actually one of those young'ns walking around in the suit and tie and the black name tag. Also we had a couple sweet kids stop us on our temple walk and with wide eyes ask where we were going on our missions, we told them where and their parents explained that they were from Florida and have never seen so many missionaries in one place. That just made me remember again why I'm here.

 We performed a song in devotional on sunday in front of the entire MTC. All 1,997 of the missionaries. Almost exactly the amount in Helaman's army, which was just the coolest thing to be singing about fighting in God's army, which we are doing, whilst looking out at the same number that did the same a couple thousand years ago. Tonight We'll be singing Praise to the Man in the choir and it is a beautiful arrangement that starts off with the men singing softly and stacatto like and then every one joining in and all that good stuff. I can't wait, that's one of my favorite songs!

I completely forgot to tell you that I get to call home the day I fly out to Tahiti from the airport. That will be August 10th sometime in the morning, I'll tell you when I get my travel plans. I might only be able to talk for like 10 minutes but that's still awesome! I can't wait for that day but I really have a lot to learn here still. I want to be the absolute best prepared I can be to teach the people of Tahiti the gospel, and I'm getting there. Alright, I'm going to go send some pictures now. Have a good week everybody, I'll do the same.

Avec l'amour, Elder Clements