Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week #6 July 7, 2015

                                             Red, white, and blue Tahitian district

Bonjour tout la monde! It's been quite the week here at the MTC. We started french, which is legit but I swear I'm not ready in Tahitian but oh well. We all speak a kind of weird frahitian that only our district can understand. I'm glad you finally got the video from the Burnahs. Brother Burnah and his wife sent that. He's in our branch presidency and we thought it would be awesome to send you and all the other families the video of us singing our song. The name of it is 'A Rohi!' which means 'carry on' roughly translated. It's about blessings in heaven and doing God's work and killing evil spirits and that good stuff.
Oh by the way, I'm not sure if you know about 'Dear Elder' or not. Everyone gets letters from that but I don't know how it works. Maybe you should check it out. I am SO sad to hear about Geno Morgan! That shocked me when I read that. He wasn't even very old was he? Anyway, I'll miss him. He was a really great guy. Tell Mrs. Morgan sorry for me. That's a tough thing to go through. Speaking of death, I'm sure you heard about President Packer and a while ago, L. Tom Perry. We will go to the broadcast of his funeral this week I'm sure. That was sad as well and I learned a lot about him right after. Also a loss in our district, Sister T. will have her mission changed because of her illness. The doctors and the twelve decided it was too risky. We'll miss her but she'll be an awesome missionary wherever she goes.
 Oh ya!! 4th of July! That was one of the best days here at the MTC! We sung all the America songs in the hymn book, I studied the foreseeing of the USA in the scripture (read it, 1nephi 13, D&C 87) and then we all had a special devotional and I was in the flag ceremony carrying the Tahitian flag. After that, the entire MTC got to watch the stadium of fire fireworks and stay out till 11:30!!! They let us party. It was legit. I learned so much though about how God foreordained America to be the promised land. I learned that Ezra Taft Benson said that he thinks the American flag will still be flying when Jesus comes again...which is awesome and not something I expected to hear.  I saw the blue plane from Heber by the way!! I saw it friday night walking to the field. It was flying super low and it made my week. That's so cool that you got to see the candy bomber!!! I'm so jealous. I'm gonna quit it now and send some other emails and send some pictures. Je sais que L'église est vrai. Au revoir!
 But let me take a selfie first

                          Elder Garff and Elder Clements with the Tahitian flag

Independence Day