Friday, October 2, 2015

New Companion

     Well today I pretty much just walked around in the jungle all day with the zone. It was supposed to be a little hike but our guide decided to go offroading.That was pretty fun but it was a bit long.

     I have my new compangon now, Elder Millerberg. Take a wild guess at where he's from. Oddly enough he's from Utah. He's pretty cool. He teaches really well and really smoothly AND he has a guitar!!!! I play it all the time and I'm learning hymns on it. 
     Anyway it was a week full of miracles this week for our investigators, and inactives, and members. Heck it was just a good week. We have 5 people with baptizm dates right now. Mareto that I think I told you all about is trying to stop smoking which is going to be tough but it's really possible. Other miracles that I'll try and tell you all about later but we did that dang hike so we don't hae much time before we have to be at Tatie Lilines house for a family home evening with a bunch of invetigators. shoot that's in a half hour, alright well good luck everyone. Maybe next time for more of a letter.
     -Elder Clements