Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference Weekend

     Well that was good stuff this weekend!!! This was the first general conference that I was genuinely excited for and that I actually payed attention to. Missions do those sort of things for you. I'm totally going to do the ponderizing thing now, that was just legit. Also I was really late both mornings because it was so early and unfortunately I missed the prophet speaking...well I walked in right as he said amen. That didn't make me very happy but I did learn some great stuff from the other talks. I really liked D. Todd Christofferson's talk, Devin J durrant (because of the ponderizing thing), Robert D. Hales, and my favorite was Jefferey R Holland. It was SOOO powerful!!! Moms are just the greatest. Love you Mom. Anyway the new apostles are absolutely awesome!!! I am surprised how much I like them already!
     As far as the work, it is going so well. We have 5 baptizms fixed and I'm sure more soon as well. Steven is going to be baptized next wednesday and he asked me to give him the Holy Ghost. That's slightly daunting because I've never done that and it's in french but I'm also really excited for it too.
     I got the package and the letters this week!! That was just the coolest thing. I loved getting letters again and hearing from everybody.  I might also send voice recordings soon because our new elder, Elder Peel, has a voice recorder.
     Well I actually have to go. Elder Purau was much more efficient at the whole computer finding thing...and many other things but oh well. Have a good week, everyone. I really liked the quote I heard this conference that Joseph B Worthlin's mother told him, and that is "Come what may and love it". I know that If we truly center our lifes on the gospel and try to improve daily and live with real intent, there is absolutely nothing to fear. And if we don't fear it, we should find the good in it and love it.
--Elder Clements