Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jungle stuff

This week was another lightning week but some good stuff happened too. We just got back from a cool hike down in Mataia at Vaipahi. It was some real Tahiti jungle stuff. Also I don't have a lot of time again this week...again. 

     So if we compare missionary work to fishing, we had a big old fish jump into the boat this week!Yesterday at church we had a brand new investigator come to church randomly and at the end he asked if it was possible to get baptized this ya. We are going to have 2 or possibly three baptizms this week. Also Tiarere from Temarua is finally going to get baptized the day after christmas and she asked me to do it, so I'm finally going to get to do a baptizm!
     About skyping, we will be able to and I'll confirm the time next week but probably in the afternoon sometime, or evening for you. I'll have a members Ipad (they have those here) and also It will only be for 45 minutes which sucks but oh well. I'm fine with who ever wants to be there and actually I'd love to see everybody I think. K, bonne semaine    -Elder Clements