Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quite the week!


Ya this week we did lots but it still managed to passe really quick. The tour de l'ile was awesome last week. I actually got the package with my camera in it right before we started so I took loads of pictures. The next day started a long stroke of bad luck for Elder Hanson when we were riding our bikes for the first time in this secteur. Ya you guessed correctly, we were coming down from DMP's house to go home (maybe a little fast for such a rocky road) and his back tire exploded and he went over the handle bars. We guessed pretty quickly that he had broken his wrist and walked our bikes home, called President, and took a field trip to the Papeete emergency room. Got back plenty late that night but we were out in the field the next day. His unluckiness still hadn't ended and the next day he had some...gastro problems from the pain meds. Yesterday at church he really went downhill and we found out that he had chikungunya- a musquito spread virus which basically makes you want to die. I had the mini version of it a while ago and it was bad even then. Needless to say, he's been in bed all day exept for doing emails now. Poor guy! He's strong though and he still has a good attitude towards it. He could probably use a prayer or two though. I don't know how long this is going to put him out. God does everything for a reason so I'm pretty sure he'll find something useful out of these trials.
     We went to a concert saturday night which was awesome! #onfireforjesus It was a religious concert that the missionaries from papeete and faaa were singing in and also a bunch of other religions choirs. It was a big concert of about 2000 people and the president even spoke but it was also less grungy and you deffinately felt the spirit when the L'église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours sang. We sat with the bishop and a few other families from our ward and it was a real hoot.

     As Christmas gets closer, and the days get a lot hotter, the christmas spirit starts to set in as well. I'm really trying to get to know our savior Jesus Christ and who he was and what he did. I never really considered that perhaps I don't know him as well as I could. Everything he did was for others. He did nothing except for helping His brothers and sisters return to live with Him and his Father. Cool huh? I'm going to try and become a little more like him thisChristmas season and serve others better by better consacrating myself as a representative of him, as one of his soldiers, as one of his servants, and as one of his disciples. 
     It sounds like everything is going well back home but I continue to pray for you all. Have a good week!

-Elder Clements