Monday, January 4, 2016

Bonne année!

   So it's been since like last year since I sent an email but it seems like just last week. For new years eve we just did lessons and such like normal but then we went and ate dinner with DMP and his family and then we came back on new years day and ate there too. This week was pretty good. I got to drive a lot this week.
This car is a trooper!
     Elder Thorpes new companion was sick with the denge (dang) when we picked him up last Monday and I had to take him to the doctor on Tuesday and Thursday. He's a lot better now though.
      Yesterday was a great sunday. It starts at 7:00 now which is...early but it's alright I guess. Papi (what we call the elderly men) Tupai is still coming to church every week (he's the old guy that asked us if he could be baptized.) He's one of my favorites! He reminds me alot of grandpa! He's so nice and just loves talking to us about anything. We were over at his house like 4 times this week. He just loves being in this church and now that he's started reading the Book of Mormon, he doesn't want to read anything else! We read Mosiah 2:17 with him yesterday and he loved it and told us that it meant we need to share this book with others and that we shouldn't just hold onto it for ourselves. When we went to his house on Saturday he was shining his shoes and setting everything out for church. I don't even do that! Heck he even put his teeth in for church.
      We (I) teach him in Tahitian because he doesn't speak french all that well so my Tahitian is getting a lot better. I just thought I'd share how miraculous Papi is. I guess he actually doesn't have too much time left according to the docteur. He has diabetes and something else I guess. Still he wants to get married in the temple as soon as possible. God changes people and turns them into spiritual giants!
K, Everybody have a good week!

-Elder Clements