Wednesday, January 13, 2016

EUA! (rain)

This is normally dry when we come by
Yes, it rained this week. All week everyday. Turns out it was an actual storm instead of just the Tahiti rain. We had umbrellas but they can only do so much. It was pretty cool though. Despite the rain we managed to do the most lessons I've ever done in a week at 22 lessons! This week we are going to try and get the standards of excellence. I'm convinced it's possible now thanks to Elder Drugeon (the new french elder in the house) who is actually really cool but is a super hard worker for sure.
     Also yesterday we had one of our investigators come to church who has never come before. Puai is his name, which means power or strength in English. I guess I've told his story before but it's really cool.
     About a month ago we decided to do door-to-door-ing (That's how it translates literally but it looks weird, oh well) on this one road that goes up onto the mountain a ways. We decided that we'd go to the top and come down instead of start at the bottom. Well we kept walking to the top and the houses got thinner and the trail got smaller. Soon there weren't any houses but we figured why not, we'll follow the trail to the end just to see whats there. By this time the trail is barely a trail and super deep into this valley. we came to the spot where it ended just at a chain strung across the path. No house in sight. We shouted IAORANA just for a joke and sat and rested for a second. Dead end but a cool trail anyway. We got up and turned to go back when I saw something move up the trail past the chain. Here comes this short, skinny feller walking down the trail towards us. At first I was pretty freaked out because I just figured it was a pot farm up there and he was coming to chase us off. He got to us and said it was great that we came because he really needs some help in his life right now...ok then. So we went up to his 'house' (a few sheets of sheet metal basically) that was hidden just out of site around the bend and we taught him the Restoration just sitting on some chairs in the middle of the Tahitain woods. Since then we have taught him almost all the lessons and just yesterday he decided to walk all the way to the bus stop about a mile or two down the mountain at 5:30 in the morning to get to church. Turns out we were being led to his little house in the jungle by our Father in Heaven instead of just walking for no reason. That built my testimony that God wants ALL of his children to receive this gospel, even the stragglers hidden in the woods like him.
     Anyway, there's my story for the week. I got the pictures, they were cool. K, have a good week everybody, I'll keep sending prayers your way! -Elder Clements

                                                 Speaks for its self...