Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The sky is crying

     It is a rainy day. It has been a long time since I've seen rain like today. It was almost impossible to see the other side of our little valley and in driving here to the chapel we found the roads to be almost stopped because of flooding and had to drive through water about 2 feet deep on the highway. The underground pass had blocked up and the river rerouted to using the road which was quite a lot of water. I'll try and send the vidéo. Even now it's still a downpour.

Look close, that is a river of water going across the road!

     This week was quite a week. On tuesday Elder Drugeon called president and told him that their secteur was too small ( we have 4 missionaries in our ward so we have to share). President said that he was going to take out a pair of missionaries and send them to the islands but...we never got the call so I guess that will happen next transfer. 

     Yesterday we had a cool experience. We had a lesson with a man named Frank at 13:00. That was our only lesson and we were well far from his house at our apartment studying. Now Frank, in our two lessons that we've had before has called Joseph Smith the devil, told us that there's no possible way for the Book of Mormon to be true and it's pretty much just me and him almost yelling at each other  trying to get the other to listen for one second. I was not looking forward to this next lesson and even said "nah we don't need to go" but as I said that the spirit told me "yes you do!" After a long, hot, angry walk we got to his house and sat down. He instantly tells us that he read the book. Oh no, what's wrong with it. Then he tells us that....he liked it and that he is at page 101!!! We gave it to him a week ago! He then continues to retell the entire story until the point that he has read from Lehi leaving Jérusalem until they arrive in the promised land and pointed out all sorts of spiritual things along the way!! He still has a few problems but still! I've never seen anyone change like that. That strengthened my testimony SO much that that book IS the word of God and CHANGES the hearts of men. 2 nephi 33:10 (I think)

 Also Noël, a member, gave me a cool album of hymns. All of these versions of these hymns are the best I've ever heard. For instance there's Joshua James singing God be with you till we meet again. It's called Nearer: A New Collection. Just FYI

     Have a great week everyone. -Elder Clements

                                      star-date 1502-2016 still stranded on the island