Wednesday, February 10, 2016

another cool blessing

This week was pretty good. The work is just really slow still in this area so it's taking some brain power and patience to decide how to make it go better. We do have a baptism fixed but he is going to need to do some work on the word of wisdom and such. I think It'll go alright. I think I told you all about Michel last week and that he disappeared and I thought we would never hear from him again but on Saturday Elder Rolls calls me up from the island of Apataki and tells me he found someone that I know...his names Michel!! So cool! God led the missionaries to him like I prayed, even if it wasn't me. 
     I can't think of a whole lot else that happened this week. We walked a lot and had a decent amount of lessons. It was hot. Honestly this week was pretty tiring. I'm looking forward to going and playing fut salle (indoor soccer) later.
     I did have a really good sunday. I did what has to be the hardest fast I've ever done and that made it all the more meaningful. The thing is that after we started, we walked another mile or two throughout the day in our mountainous secteur of course without water so that night I didn't know if I could actually do it but I prayed for help and woke up the next morning feeling much much better. Another cool blessing.

Also last week I got an excellent prank played on me. I was actually in the middle of doing emails last week when my phone started ringing. "hallo iaorana c'est Elder Clements." 
"Yes, is this the number of Dakodta Clements?" "Yes, who is this?" "this is the Bureau of international affairs at the airport of Faaa. I've called to tell you that your visa has expired 2 weeks ago. I'd like to know you're mode of transport back to your country. We'll send someone to get you. So what are your plans?" "uuhhhhhhh, what?" "monsieur, you know the law." "uuhhhh, yes but...." So after freaking out for a bit I learned that it was Elder Drugeon in the next room using bishops desk phone! Naturally we did it to Elder Cooley right after and he really got freaked out. I haven't laughed that hard in a fortnight for sure!
     K, les gars, have a good week. say joyeux anniversaire to Grandma! I'll send pictures.  -Elder Clements