Friday, March 11, 2016

Stardate 703-2016

Captains log: The Island is habitable but human lifeforms are few. Moral is high thanks to locals. Will begin exploration soon.

     So ya it's been another awesome week here in the middle of the ocean. We found a lot of the old investigators from the other Elders and even some new ones which was a great surprise because there aren't very many people here honsetly. We did some exploring found some crazy stuff but not very many people.

     So yesterday Pr√©sident Bize was actually here  for 'stake conference' which was slightly weird since it's such a small island to see him here right after I get here. The conference was really great and I learned a lot from it, also I was in the choir and sang the song I sung in the MTC which was much better in a real Tahitian choir. That night we were actually invited to eat dinner with president and soeur Bize, President Tarati (the temple president), the branch president, the district (stake) president, among others. It was quite the evening. It was nice to talk to president Bize for once,  eat excellent food on the beach and feeding the sharks with our leftovers. In fact my companion had just broken his bike (fixed now) and president helped us try and fix it himself even though he was extremely tired and got grease all over doing it. Thanks president!

     Did I ever talk about Michael? He's the guy that I found in Outumaoro and had the super powerful lesson with but then moved to apataki. Well apataki is now in my district and when I got the report for this week from Apataki, I looked and saw his name under baptisms fixed!! I checked with them to see if it was true and sure enough, It's the same one. SO COOL! So ya, that was a cool miracle that gave me a faith boost.
 Oh ya, for the package, I'm not sure if it's possible at all, but if so, I would love some contacts. The sand is way too bright here to wear anything but sunglasses here and I kind of...lost my two boxes of other ones a few months ago. I have no idea how that's possible but it's me so...
-Elder Clements