Wednesday, March 30, 2016


status report: exploration failed, conditions too harsh, will return with proper vehicles.

     This week went pretty well. We did try and find an investigator way up on top of the island that everybody said was really far. Well we rode in a straight line for two hours and did not find a single soul, a few houses but empty houses. We got decently sunburned and ran out of water but got back safely. This week we'll try again with someone that has a car or a boat. It was a pretty cool experience though. 
     Our investigators here are way cool and super ready for baptism, it's just the little things now. Tera really wants to be baptized but she's not married and her partner does not want to get married so we're trying to soften his heart. Kuraigna, just a few more cigarettes. Esther/ Vanaa, marriage again like so many people. Kahaia, just waiting for the answer to her prayers, etc. 
     This week Elder Terry, one of the others here, got a super bad virus and we had to take care of him for a bit. Thing is he was hallucinating super bad. It was pretty fun. His companion took some video. "I don't wanna ask anything weird need to rub my calfs." "just put some coke in a glass and then shake it up, that'll heal me." and also he kept telling the lizards to be quiet. He's better now though. 
    So ya, that was basically my week. It goes. don't have much time today but oh well. K, Piku Viru! 
-Elder Clements