Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thou shalt not steal: part 2 and 3...

     This week was alright. I got the grippe (flu) and still have it pretty good. I'm kinda out of it still. I struggled hard to get along with my companion this week, probably because I didn't feel good. But I do think I made some progress at the end of the week though. 

Regae version of smashing pumpkins 

We had a cool party yesterday with the protestants. We met some Americans there that just got here on their boat from Frisco! That was cool. 
     We got robbed again on Monday. They figured out how to get in the window while it's closed. and they took nothing but my watch. However on Saturday we came home and they weren't quite as careful. They had taken all our suitcases out and searched them, clearly for nothing but money because nothing else was missing. This time they also broke windows instead of taking them out carefully.

The way our room was left after the robbery
 President George showed up at the church right after and we told him about it. He wasn't exactly too happy about that especially since it's happened about three times to us and the other elders. He said he was going to get Pascale and go talk to them (because he knew who it was). It turns out they just went and beat them up!! Pascale I guess didn't get the memo that they were going over to talk and just walked in and started throwing fists but after President saw that's how it was going down he joined in too. well...sweet! They haven't been back since. Welcome to the island way of stopping thiefs.
     Super cool that bro got his call!!!!!!! I called that he'd go to Texas by the way. Where's my dollar? Its weird thinking that he will actually leave and I'm not going to be there to see it. That's probably better. 
K yall keep on keepin...the commandments.
-Elder Clements

The kids took my camera