Thursday, May 12, 2016

Keep on truckin

Oldest LDS Church outside of the US
     Well it was good to talk to everyone yesterday. It was a little weird just because it's Skype but it was a good refresher and inspired me that everything is fine there and I just gotta keep on truckin. The lesson with Michel was pretty good. He's kind of tired of arguing with his wife about religion but he doesn't wan't to go backwards. We're going to try and teach his wife too so she can grow a testimony. After that we rode about half the length of the island. Then it was time to go eat with President George. Fish and pork! so good. He gave us a cake and told us to guess what kind it was. It was orange and turned out to be a tomato cake! Who knew that could be good. Like I said on Saturday it rained all day and was actually cold. What a huge blessing. Especially since it filled our tanks which were getting kind of low. That's kind of all I've got for today. It was a good week. Still no transfers. Same companion. Patience is a Christlike attribute. K below is a picture of highway 1 in Takaroa after Saturdays storm. 
-Elder Clements