Friday, June 3, 2016

HUMP DAAAYYY has come and gone

     I'm coming home in less than a year! Time flies like crazy and it'll all be over before I know it. More than a year ago I got into the MTC and started my mission. I have become an entirely different person and also not changed at all. In this time, I've: Gained a testimony that God lives and that following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ with exactness is the ONLY way that we can live together as a family for eternity, I've gained love for my brothers and sisters and a desire for their salvation, I've doubled or tripled my capacity to accomplish things efficiently, learned to speak french fluently with the gift of tongues, learned to love and understand the holy scriptures, gained an appreciation for this life and everything within, I've had plenty of troubles and mistakes but have learned from them (and am still learning), and many many many other glorious blessings. 
     As for this week, It was pretty good. I'm finally not sick as of today but I spent all week getting over it. It's starting to get slightly colder here and starting to feel a little like fall and spring at the same time which is pretty cool. I'm short on time today, gotta go.
-Elder Clements

Chillin on mothers day (May 29th for France and here). front to back: Elder Terry, Nelson, Lewis, me. Other side: Gabbin, Michel's wife, Michel and his baby.