Wednesday, June 8, 2016

boats n' stoves

     For p-day today we found burgers and cooked them and made onion rings from scratch. It was pretty good for what you can find on this little island. Also I got the package on the blue boat this week on which also the robber that stole all of our stuff escaped. It was probably better for him. The stores no longer accepted him and multiple people had beat him up pretty good. The package was awesome! Dr pepper jelly beans and chips were an awesome treat. There's no Dr pepper here  The guitar strings are enough to tide me over for a while. 
     Our investigators are finally close to baptism. Michel is kind of on hold for a moment but still doing well. We did a fast with Edouard Saturday until yesterday for him to follow the word of wisdom. That was cool and has worked. Kahaia is our next baptism. She told us this week that she knows the church is true and she has already told her parents that she's going to be baptized but we haven't fixed a date yet. She came to church yesterday too. All our other investigators are a bit further down the road but it'll come.
     Yesterday we had a bunch of great testimonies born at fast and testimony meeting. One was an older lady that has been inactive for the last ten years and looked finally truly happy to be back. The other was a nine year old girl, Raihere, who gave one of the most sincere testimonies I've ever heard from a kid that age. That among many other awesome testimonies. Other highlights of the week include having a dance-off with Michel and me catching conjunctivitis that's been going around. great stuff. pics to come...maybe. I guess not...My SD card is messed up! I can see pictures on the camera but I can no longer send them. I try my micro SD card next week.
-Elder Clements