Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This is Major Tom to ground control...

It has been quite a while since the last time. The reason I didn't email last week is just because there wasn't any internet. However, yes, I did get transferred and I'm still recovering from that. We got the call and they told me I was being transferred back to Tahiti into the city of Aru'e (basically Pape'ete) and I would be district leader AGAIN, and my new companion is Elder Frazer from vanuatu. Well I got on the plane on Wednesday after getting an absolutely amazing sendoff paumotu style. Pictures to come...

Nana Takaroa! (left to right, E Lewis, Mami teroro(top), President George and Terava his deughter(bottom), DMB Rautiare(top), ENelson, ME, Edouard and his wife and daughter. at the airport

     On the flight I actually rode the whole way with the pilots to pass the time. THAT was cool. We talked about tons of flying stuff and I even tried to convert them lol. The landing was the best part. Anyway, here I am in the secteur of Pare, trying to get used to streets and having hot water for showers and AC in the house, that's cool and all but it's not Takaroa. I miss the people over there SO much. I've never had a secteur like that that's like my family. Oh well. I actually fixed Kahaia's baptizm the day I left!!! 

Elder Nelson,  Kahaia, and Me 
And yesterday I heard that Edouard's Baptizm is fixed too!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!! Even more good news, I saw Elder Hanson the other day and, remember Puai? The man in the woods we found? He just got baptized a couple weeks ago!!!! It's been a great week for all of my investigators! Well I've kind of got to go know because the other computer doesn't work and my companion needs to email still before we go play football( soccer). Elder Frazer's awesome! He's NUTS too but he's awesome. He scared me a little when he started talking about evil spirits and good spirits in vanuatu but I guess that's just culture... coool. That's all for now folks. I love you all a lot and I hope you weren't too worried about me for that two weeks. kiaora ia koutou.
-Elder Clements

Rostin a pig like any other Saturday