Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I will make thee fishers of...fish

     So we went fishing today with Edouard! As I write this my head is still spinning from being on a boat all day, and also my hand is pretty sore. It turns out  that the fish I was un-hooking had poisonous sharp barbs on it's back and stomach (welcome to the ocean) and when it decided to flip out of my hand I just got a hand full of those.

The little devil that poisoned my hand (tai'a)
 It's better now though. Fishing was so awesome!! Never in america would it be possible to catch as many fish as we did in that time period. We caught about thirty fish in just a couple hours. Some of them were pretty big like the o'iri and the...other one.

 We went with Edouard and Jackson who are probably the coolest guys to go fishing with. We were also not blessed with good weather. It has been raining cats and dogs for hours now. I've never seen this much water I think. Also the lightning report from padre was correct. I've never actually seen lightening since america so it's been pretty cool to watch again. So ya fish and rain has been today. 

    left to right: President George (the branch president), President Taumata (district president, it's like a stake), and Hiro an awesome new convert that just got the Melchizedek priesthood yesterday. We found them all out there doing the same thing as us.

 The rest of the week was a little slower. We did the usual lessons but we really need to find some more investigators. So ya...I'm pretty tired and we still have to go up to family home evening in this sweet storm. There should be a transfer this week, most likely Elder Nelson will be replaced by someone else and I'll stay here. So sweet, I don't want to leave. 
     Well there you have it, 
-Elder Clements