Monday, July 25, 2016

(July 18th) Some days are diamonds...

...some days are stone (John Denver). This was perhaps one of the longest weeks of my mission.  It turns out that being with my new companion IS as hard and much harder than I thought. 
     I've learned a lot of lessons this week. I've learned that anger and raising voices is never the right way to solve things. I've learned even deeper that you can never judge people. No matter how people act we must treat those people and situations with love and kindness and prayer like Jesus would. That pretty much occupied my week. We did start teaching an entire family which is way cool and went to a horse race, but ya. Overall I'm happy with this week and I'm looking forward to having an even better one. I love you all and pray for you all daily. Read the scriptures and be like Jesus!
-Elder Clements

horse race, Tahiti has a horse track? it's in my secteur too

(July 25th) Trying times

This week was...hard. I'm not going to go too far into it but ya this week pretty much broke me.
     As far as some good news we have a member here that gives us a lot of help for doing missionary work and over the last two weeks we've started teaching two entire families with another coming tonight. I had another opportunity to go to the temple this week which was cool. I still absolutely love going into the house of the Lord and feeling his presence so strongly. It's amazing. 
     Even with a week that didn't go the best, I have had a great opportunity to get closer to Heavenly Father trough prayer and scriptures. I know he loves me and that he has given me a way to accomplish what he has called me to do. All in all, what don't kill ya makes ya stronger. 
-Elder Clements
Elder Clements sporting a new hair cut