Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Surfs up

I'm emailing today on super fast gaming computers with fiber optic today so I'll try and send a lot of pictures. It's a member that owns this place and he's letting us use his computers for free!! so cool. After this, we're going direct to Teahupoo to watch the Billabong pro Tahiti surfing competition!! I'm stoked. All the world champions will be there. We couldn't find a boat though so we'll be watching it from the shore. It's so weird to realize that I was here when that competition happened last year. 
     This week was good. Still a lot of investigators at church, but none of the ones that said they would come. We taught Tehaunui again and invited him to be baptized. He said yes but not right now. So we've got some more work to do. 
     We also taught Joanni this week, who is a great kid but isn't ready to give up the things of the world. He's really humble and loves the lessons but he still wants to take advantage of his youngness (jeunesse? what is that word?). We also taught Tumoe and his cousin Ariihau this week. They're two cousins that have grown up without God in their life but are super interested in what we've got to say. Tumoe has some really good values even if he doesn't know if God is there yet, that helps him accept easily the message of the gospel.
     This week Elder Packer has been super sick which is rough but such is life in the islands. I got something super bad on Thursday too but it only lasted a couple hours strangely. I took some drugs, slept for an hour and it was gone. weird. Elder Packer got the extended edition I guess.
     Lately I've been working a lot on fitness which is hard when members drop off giant plates of brownies sometimes and only feed us good food. As an attack on that I have been running in the morning and doing lots of push ups. I made myself a challenge to do 1000 push ups in a week. It was going alright but I gave up at about 500. Still, It gave me some good aches and burns. So ya, that was pretty much my week. 

Yep, that's a dolphin

Spiritual Thought: (Elder Garff has inspired me to starting giving spiritual thoughts to you all. Seeing how I'm a missionary I don't see why you all shouldn't profit from all this good stuff.) Charity: Moroni 7:45-47 I've been realizing lately that charity is half of the foundation on which all commandments rest.(Love god, Love thy neighbor.) If we have not charity we are nothing because we have no drive to turn outward to our fellow men. Life is meant to prepare us to meet God, and God is love. Us, as the human race have the whole and undivided attention and love of an all powerful father in heaven. let us try and have just a little more charity every day and follow what Moroni asks us to do in MNI 7:48.
That's all for now folks. -Elder Clements

French Navy Ship