Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August 15th

So hello. I had a great week. I get along with my companion, we have found new investigators, I've seen countless miracles, felt the spirit seemingly more than ever, etc. Oh ya, and I'm just in the best mission on the face of the planet.
     Yesterday was excellent! We had 6 investigators at church! After church, we had a barbecue with an investigator and his cousin and started the lessons with his cousin. after that went and gave a blessing at the hospital and saw a little concert the Catholic young adults put on which was beautiful. Ward counsel was a little annoying because bishop didn't want to give us authorization for an activity we wanted to do but oh well, I've got some other ideas.
     We have a new investigator that has a pretty rough history. He was in the army and was deployed multiple times to Afghanistan. While there, his troop was given orders to wipe out an entire village by flamethrower which was absolutely too much for him. As a result, he refused and punched his commanding officer and was dishonorably discharged. Ever since then he lives with his relatives, gets in lots of fights and does a little work when he can find some. Evidently he's going back to the army next year because he can't find anything else to do. When we found him, he told us that he hates his old life and just wants to change. After our first lesson he agreed to be baptized if he received the answer that the church was true. He's a great guy, super nice and really humble. He knows God lives and that Jesus is the Savior. I'm looking forward to seeing him get to know the gospel.
     I'm sending my pictures home this week (I hope) So there. well all right then crew, that's all. Also cool news, I'm going to finish the book of Mormon in french this week for the first time. SO COOL.
-Elder Clements