Thursday, October 13, 2016

No time


The impossible happened! I got to eat real See's chocolates last night. The wife of President Varney brought them back from the US and GAVE US A BOX!!!!
     No time today. Our gamer guy bailed on us and we couldn't find Nephi to open the church so we're leeching the zone leaders computers. I saw bro's email and my stomach did a back-flip because that was the trippiest thing I've ever seen to see another Elder Clements name tag! Glad he's doing well, I wrote him too.
     This week was tough...and good. We found some new investigators but had 0 lessons on Wednesday. It was awful!!! We did a split though on Friday and got to be in the truck with Boyd over in their secteur. That was cool. We're having leadership issues in our ward. Oh well. Ok y'all that's about it.
     A thing I learn this week is the importance of keeping the holy ghost with us. The ONE thing that all the prophets and apostles pray for is the spirit to be with them. Pray for the spirit to be with you and to be able to discern it's promptings and to be able to have the courage and faith to act upon those impressions. 
-Elder Clements