Monday, October 17, 2016

The Office: Episode 1

     This week was mighty interesting. So there was a transfer and I thought I would be transferred but I was wrong. Actually I'm staying and that's more exciting than you'd think. So on Thursday, Elder Packer and I were talking to this Marqueisan guy at about 10:00 in the morning (nothing unusual) when I get a call. I can't explain the panic attack that one has when he looks at the phone and sees "PDT BIZE" on the screen! So I answered and all he says is that he needs to talk to me ASAP and so we fixed a time for noon and went our way. Noon arrives and president shows up and tells me to get in his car. I do so and he says as he takes off his glasses "Elder Clements, we are about to do something in this mission that we've never done before." "Seeing as how the Hauata couple has left we have no one to do their job and I thought you would be perfect for this." So ya, the news is that I'm taking over the task of the Hauata's which includes the reception and sending of packages and baggage, fumigation (don't know what that is in English but it has to do with sending items home), proselyting literature, portable phones, bikes, help with transfers, and the arrivals and departs of new missionaries. Plus we stay in this secteur to do regular missionary work!! Crazy right? Oh also I get a new companion, his names Elder Heiata, from Raiatea. I don't know him yet. Elder Packer is going to Papara, right next to my first secteur. Oh ya!! AND I get a truck!! I get to drive the Grey Toyota Hilux, turbo diesel that the Hauata's used to drive!!! So pumped!! I might go pick it up today or Wednesday, when I go to work (at the office haha). This is going to be so weird working in an office all the time and having mission wide responsibilities but I guess the work of the Lord comes in many forms. I'm pretty stoked actually.

My District
     As for the missionary work this week we had a great week! We started teaching two new families and have seen a lot of progress in our other investigators. One of these new investigators is T*** and his family. His wife is an inactive member and he has already been taught but when the floods in Papenoo happened last year, their rental house got swept away and they lost contact with the missionaries...until now. He's a giant man with a giant heart and he has the goal to get baptized. He made the goal this week to quit coffee and to fix a day for his marriage and baptism!! SO cool. Our other new investigators are still very new but also seem to be very potential as well. 
     I got to go to the temple this week too. That was cool. So that was pretty much my week. I got the office job, I got new investigators, and I went to the temple. Today we're going to venus point in Mahina to play some beach soccer. I'll send pictures, have a good one!! Love you all!

-Elder Clements

Met a man this week named John Siao, he's one of the best Tahitian painters, he even has paintings in Hollywood and books and such