Friday, November 4, 2016


     Hi family and happy halloween!! We don't have much planned for the day actually. The most halloween-ish thing I'm doing today is wearing a black and orange local tie... mais bon. 
     This week passed really well actually. I really felt a strong desire to share the gospel and the true urgency of the message we share. I read the article that grandma sent me, about Standing as True Millennials.  It WAS super powerful and really inspired me to improve this week.
    Actually President Bize just sent an email about that also. We are all supposed to fast this coming week with the question of how can I be a better instrument in the hands of the Lord. It shows that, that man is inspired because I too have sensed a weirdness among the missionaries lately. There are too many that don't seem to be focused nearly enough on the work and even act in ways that does not at all portray a representative of Jesus Christ. So I'm glad that president said something because it is getting a little worry-some when a fair part of the missionaries have an air of still being in high school. SO ya.  
     On a more optimistic note, I got to translate sacrament meeting for a Hawaiian yesterday! That was cool but so much harder than I thought. I can think in french and I can think in English but thinking in two languages at the same time is extremely difficult but I think he was able to understand a little. I really felt the gift of tongues kicking in an extra gear, It was great. 
     As for "les affaires au bureau" we have been super busy with all that this week. On Wednesday we had to take an all day trip to Papara to replace Elder Packer's bike and another one that got stolen. taking note that it was Elder Packers birthday when he got his bike stolen :(
     Ok y'all that'll be the end of it today, I also can't send pictures because I forgot my converter at the house :( Next week hopefully. Glad I got to send a decent mail today. Ok alors, je vous aime. Dieu soit avec vous jusqu'au revoir!

-Elder Clements