Thursday, October 27, 2016

Au Bureau


     Well this week was...busy. I've been driving around so much that I've got the low rumble of diesel engine stuck in my ears. Tuesday started with a day long training with president which included going to the post office, taking things to the boats for transfers, organizing the office, verifying phones receipts, etc. Wednesday was about the same. Actually I guess the whole week was about the same. We were super busy with all this stuff and our secteur on top. 
     My companion is cool. He's REALLLY Tahitian. He's super nice and all that, he's even fairly obedient I guess. He's just really Tahitian. His accent is really thick. It's like someone with a really thick southern accent (compared to English). Nah, he's super cool. We get along really well. I'm just learning to be more humble and patient. 

     Ok so, I just had a hoard of missionaries come into the office asking for things and such, I don't really have any time any more....well see you all next week. Je vous aime

-Elder Clements