Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One year older and wiser too


     So ya this week was fairly eventful seeing as how I started writing down what I did this week so I can remember when it comes time to send emails. I don't know how many other things are lost in history because of a lack of doing so. I turned TWENTY this week! How weird. For my birthday it was a pretty good day for missionary work: 6 lessons and some investigators that are practically begging to be baptized. It was really hot and humid too because it's been raining like crazy and it's summer now.  We celebrated my birthday with the Atiu family that night because they found out it was my birthday. It was really great.  They even made me a cake and poisson cru which I thought was super thoughtful!

The Atiu Family

     OH MY MY! OH HEY HEY! HERE HE COMES, THE PRESIDENT!! That's a lumineers song I've been singing all week cuz we've got a new president!!! Messieur Donald Trump!! Trump in french is pronounced like "trompe" which means to deceive. That's literally all I have to say about that. Even in Tahiti that's all everybody is talking about is the fact that Donald Trompe is the president. LOL!!
     On Friday we took a trip to the exact opposite side of Tahiti to Taravao. I swear everything that goes wrong, goes wrong over there. Turns out the sisters locked their bikes in a storage unit and then lost the keys to the storage of course we had to go down there to get them out. Driving down there took forever because it was a standard tropical rainstorm and even with the wipers on all the way we had to slow down to about 20 because I couldn't see anything!! We finally got there and the sisters showed us the storage unit. I tried to use nonexistent lock-picking skills to open it but clearly that didn't work. We ended up having to take off the sheet metal walls on the side and slide the bikes out the slot. All this in the pouring rain BUT it worked and the sisters can stop walking to all their lessons. We had some other stuff to do on that side of the island and took the other way to get home so we drove around the entire island and spent about 3 hours total in the car.
On Thursday I had another opportunity to do a baptism interview for a young man. This kid was way cool and ready to be baptized and it turns out he has the same birthday as me!! The day after I went to his baptism and it was one of my favorite baptisms ever. His testimony was very powerful and showed that God really helped him get to this point. 
     We found a couple really potential investigators this week too. One is the girlfriend of an inactive member in our ward who is really interested in this church and why it's here, what the missionaries do, etc. She even talked about baptism. The other one is a girl that has been taught before but seems to have changed a bit since the last time. She lives in a house that is pretty much Babylon itself. It's only her brothers and sisters but because the parents have basically left these kids alone (they don't even live in the same city) most of these kids from 15 to 25 ish participate in about everything they shouldn't. They even have a small marijuana plantation behind their house.  However she is the most level-headed of them all and doesn't participate in any of that stuff and instead would like to come to church and will go to France next year for school. super cool!
     A sad piece of news is that I had an allergic reaction to mangoes this week! SO not cool although the symptoms aren't too severe and I think It's only one type of mango. My lips just itch and burn and my eyes too but that's nothing benadryl can't kill right? So there's my week. I heard bro's story. THAT was something. I've heard some good possessed stories but that takes the cake! Have a good week love you all!
-Elder Clements
                         Still at the office...