Thursday, November 24, 2016

The arm of the Lord

The Zone
     This week went pretty well. Nothing too big happened except for our zone conference with a member of the 70, Elder Cardon. We had a big meeting on Thursday with our zone, Mahina, Papeete, and faaa, and he, his wife, president and sister Bize gave us some really edifying training that was also fairly humbling.
     Elder Cardon was talking about faith. He told us all that he would call a few of us to talk briefly about what the Lord has taught us about listening to the Holy Ghost. He asked those who were alright doing that to stand up in faith to volunteer. About 7 people stood up not including me, I figured that was pretty good. The thing was that Elder Cardon looked shocked at the turn out. He proceeded (in a fairly chastising manner) "Help me understand why no one is standing up!!" "You are the arm of the Lord, telling people every day to act on their faith to keep commitments! But you don't have enough faith to stand up in a zone conference?!" It was complete shock to everybody there but everyone realized that it was absolutely true. Even Elder Cardon was shocked and he didn't even finish the rest of his planned talk but instead talked about faith and WHY we don't act on impressions from the spirit. It was a REALLY good reminder how important it is to act in faith. It's true that as missionaries we ARE the arm of the Lord reaching out to bless the families of the earth as promised to Abraham. We need to be instruments in his hands. 
     So other than that, this week was pretty slow as far as missionary work and busy @theoffice. Saturday was extremely stressful because we had ended up with multiple things to do at the same time which is physically...very hard to do. Somebody needs to add another hour to the day! I did another baptismal interview this week and we had all the Elders from Moorea (the island next door) sleep at our house because they were there for the big zone conference. Those guys are nuts!! But ya that's pretty much it. We still haven't seen any snow fly yet. I'll let you all know when it hits. I've found a new hobby, I'm taking a drive around Utah via google earth. They've really improved their technology lately. So ya that's about all. 
-Elder Clements
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