Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Lake

   These weeks just keep rolling past and now I only have less than 4 months till I come home! This week we were able to fix a baptism with a feller. So that's cool and we have even more that are super potential. 
     This week we watched a worldwide missionary conference and things...changed a little. We no longer report the amount of lessons and progressing investigators that we do every week. All we count are baptisms, baptisms fixed, new investigators, and investigators that come to church. I think this will be good because it will help us to teach from our desire for others' salvation and not for the numbers.(see Alma 29: 10) That's already the goal but I think this step will help. 
    Yesterday we had a day that was insane that led us all the  way into Papeete looking for a car battery and that's why we didn't have time to email.

 In the afternoon we went on the most amazing hike I think I've ever done. We hiked up to the Vaihiria lake which is the only natural lake in Tahiti. It is way up in the mountains and was some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen with tons of waterfalls falling right next to the trail, bridges, mulitple-thousand-foot mountains encircling us on both sides, and literally zero people. It's kind of obscure because you have to ask permission from the private property owners and even then it's pretty far. So that was pretty legit. 
     Something really cool: There's a sister missionary in my zone that lives in my old area. I ate with her family right after she went to the MTC and before I got transferred and I had felt the impression to tell them that they would be protected and blessed because their daughter was a missionary. I talked to her yesterday and asked if her family had been flooded out like many others in that area (seeing as they live right next to they river too) and she said that every house next to hers had been flooded except for hers. I thought that was really cool and strengthened my testimony that this church is God's church and that he protects those who share it as well as their families. 
     Love you all, have a good week.
-Elder Clements