Thursday, March 9, 2017

We moved!

with Elder Gonzalez
      Wow so ya there was kind of a lot that happened this week. Monday was the transfer and we dropped off Elder Gonzalez and walked around Papeete for a while. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was with Elder Terry and Campbell waiting for my new companion and so we were covering two secteurs for a couple days. That was fun.
     On Wednesday WE MOVED. This house is amazing and normally should not be a missionary house because it's giant and brand new. It takes us forever to clean it but it's so worth it because of how legit it is. 
     But anyway on Thursday I went to Conseil des Dirigeants (Leadership counsel?) and got my new companion and made more plans for raising l'à la chapelle....basically people coming to Church. We then had a zone meeting on friday and a meeting with the stake president to make plans on the level of the stake of Papeari and the austales. Our zone includes the islands of Tubuaï and Rurutu and all those other islands in the South. It's going really well actually. We already had 50% of our goal just this last Sunday. We're hoping to raise the percentage of people at Church by 10% by the end of march which means we need to get 139 people to Church. We're on track with a rough 2.5% increase yesterday. 
     That's all for now. We've seen a bunch of miracles this week including a  car load of people stopping us while we were at a pizza joint and ASKING for us to come and teach them. That doesn't really happen very often so that's for sure what we call a miracle. God lives for sure people! alright well that's it for now. President said I could go research colleges on p'day so I'm gonna start doing that today. Love you all, see you in a couple months.
-Elder Clements

Who knew that tiny islands with a thirty-foot diameter really existed?

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