Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The ER in Easter

     Ya more like Easter in the ER. News of the week goes to the most unique (for lack of a more optimistic word) Easter I've ever had. I spent the entire Easter morning in the ER.....pretty lame. So Saturday night we actually had some pretty cool miracles but then when we got back to the house I was sitting around watching my companion get his hair cut when I felt something land on my neck. I brushed it off and found out pretty quickly what it was: a honey bee. This honey bee managed to sting me on the middle finger as I brushed it off which...hurt A LOT! It went away after a while but the swelling went from normal (making my finger look like a snow man) to abnormal (making most of my hand look like the Michelin man hand) in about 1 hour. So I called sister Bize up and she just told me to see how it was in the morning. Woke up and found my entire hand and most of my forearm swollen to the point I couldn't even move it. Sister Bize told me to head up to the ER in Papeete. So after an hour drive and a 3 1/2 hour wait I got into the ER but got pretty much no help. I was gonna say something mean but I'll just say I pretty much got NO help and now my hand is still the size of a big-mac. Anyway I counted my blessings and am glad the Lord was resurrected for me and that He saved me from my sins. #PRINCEdelaPAIX
we had a super good fire side on the expiation of Jesus Christ and it brought the spirit a lot. K, I'm gonna have to leave y'all now. have a good one.

     Well p-days have just gotten busy so I don't have time. This week we had a part of our missionary program  that we organized a while back. I gave a talk with my comp and pdt tupai. I'm pretty much just trying to help my zone be successful before I leave which is SO MUCH WORK. but ya its going well and now we have the most baptisms fixed in the mission which is cool.  Actually i gotta go sorry bye. Oh ya my hands fine now.
-Elder Clements