Thursday, May 4, 2017

Conferences and dog bites

Well we're really coming down to the dregs now aren't we? I've got three weeks left which is unreal! Anyway I'm doing pretty good. My zone is starting to come together and I'm hoping to have another 11 baptisms in the zone before I leave. 
     We had a multi-zone conference on Tuesday that we had to organize and prepare a meal for. It turned out really well actually. The conference was really good and we had an ex-mission president, president Cahoon, of Australia come and talk to us too. He is the one that when he was on mission found president Bizes family and baptized them. He talked about sacrifice and how important it is. That made me think of the line in "Praise to the Man" that says 'sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven'. As a result me and my companion did an "English fast" which was pretty difficult actually considering we're both American. We saw the results of this fast when we were able to fix a baptism date for a new investigator. He is really cool and must be the ONLY investigator I've had that understands everything we teach clearly. We had a lesson with him that was really full of the spirit and he was able to fix a date for the 20 May- two days before I come home! 
     Oh ya I got bit by a dog this week (again) but it could have been really bad if God hadn't been protecting me. I got a couple scratches but if it would have closed its jaws a fraction of a second earlier I probably wouldn't have my left thumb anymore. Also a few days later we were out in the mountains looking for an investigators house when a member came by and picked us up in her truck. After a ways we realized that that was another miracle because there was another bunch of GIANT guard dogs that would have probably ripped us up if that member hadn't picked us up in her truck. Normally she should have already gone home but she ended up coming later...coincidence? I think not! God always has protected me in pretty big ways on my mission and I'm glad He lets me see how sometimes. Well that's about it. I'm probably not gonna send any more pictures...sorry mom, but I'll be home soon. Have a good one!
-Elder Clements