Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5 months already

Ya that's right, tomorrow will be 5 months on a mission and it has flown by like 5 weeks. It really doesn't seem like  that long ago that I was wearing my orange newbee sticker on the first day of the MTC. Almost a quarter of my mission is done already...weird. I actually might be getting transferred this week so I'll keep y'all updated. I finally finish training this week although I still feel like I'm not ready to be done. Hopefully I'll just stay with Elder Millerberg for another transfer so I can catch up.
     This week we had another super spiritual experience that I only thought existed in the MTC and Preach My Gospel. Heiata, one of our investigators who reminds me a lot of Grandma, read the BOM for the first time. We had given her a bunch of stuff to read like MNI 10:3-5, J.S. testimony, MNI 8, and she explained that she had read all that...twice and much much more, and marked it all up!! She said she read for like three hours because she just got lost in it. She said she felt absolutely no pain while reading it and that she just felt really at peace (sounds like a classical conversion story huh?). All the while I was just shocked and enthralled. She said she absolutely knew it was true and we commited her to be baptised on the 7th of Novembre. She still has a lot of things she needs to do to be ready, like quitting smoking and such but we're all (including her) going to fast this saturday/sunday for her so I've got the faith in it. So ya that gave me an immensely larger testimony of the BOM and how true it is and how necessary it is even for members because if it can change people like that when they're investigators, it's gotta be really important for members like us. WOW!
      But ya, other than that it was kind of a slow week because it was voting week and every body was busy in the rallies and such. But I did begin building a Teore (big wooden drum thing) this morning with a chainsaw, sander and this other tool but mostly the chainsaw. It was so legit and I have no idea how I'm going to get it back to America because it's so heavy but I'll figure it out. It's not done yet but I'll finish it next week. It was so cool to see a dirty old log turn into an instrument that actually sounds cool before your eyes in just a couple hours. After that we just went shopping and came back.
     OH I Forgot! Gongrats to Mom for becoming the new relief society president! That's a big job but there's not a soul out there more ready for it! We work a lot with la présidente du societé du secour (just in french)  here in the work so get ready to be involved with missionary work. Cool, right? They work lots of miracles in every ward, I'm glad for you.
      To answer Padre's questions (because they were ready good), the mousquitoes are a bit better because I'm figuring out how to get rid of them, I have lost about ten pounds but have gained a bunch of muscle as well because I work out every day. health is fine. attitude is roller coaster some times because I'm not quite as dilligent or obedient as I'd like and I beat myself up over it but I'm getting better. I'm actually pretty obedient and dilligent but I have my weak points that I'm working on. I really am getting a lot better so maybe that's why It's been better lately. Also my companion is great. He's had some rough sectors and companions that we like to call "babylon companions" and he is pretty worn out now but he's also getting better. Overall things are going really well here. I'm not a babylon companion, I really work hard to work hard, I see success, progress, miracles, grow my testimony, learn, and see and do some pretty legit steriotypical island stuff too. I have started wearing shorts more when I can and also my cheapo crocs to lessons. good stuff. Actually I gotta go. until next week! ~Elder Clements