Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good Stuff

                                     This guy is so stoned
I think this is week 11 here on the island of Tahiti in the town of Papara. Actually I'm in Papeete today. We just got done playing beach/normal soccer with a bunch of the other missionaries this side of the island. I'm fairly drained from that but it was really fun too. We had to carry around the Soeurs (sisters) with us today and they decided they wanted to email here. I'm also fairly sure we are going to be at carrefoure (the equivalent of a gaint french walmart) for longer than us Elders would like but oh well. I will have the chance to go camera shopping though so that's good. I haven't looked at them yet so I'm not sure if I just want one shipped out here or what. I'll keep you updated.
      Anyway! So Mareto who I told you last week still hadn't made any progress last week has stopped smoking........right!?!? After a réunion with DMP on tuesday we were wondering what we should do because we had an hour till dinner, then all of the sudden I had Mareto pop in to my head. #wasntme I honestly didn't want to go because we never make any progress with him but my companion then said exactly what I was thinking so that amped me up and I knew those signs from all the classic missionary stories I've heard. We went over and he was glad to see us but not more than usual. We shared some scriptures with him and gave him some encouragement but nothing out of the ordinary happened so we just decided to go. just before saying the prayer, Elder Millerberg told him about the music class we were going to be teaching on friday (oh ya we're doing that) and he was actually interested which surprised me. He then said he plays the piano and has one inside. !!!!!!! What?! Mareto plays piano!?!?!? I was visibly shocked and pumped at the same time and he just fed on that and practicaly shouting for joy invited us in to see it. It was an extremely nice yamaha electric piano. Like I didn't think they made electric pianos that nice. Then he started playing it and he knew very well how to play it but he couldnt read notes and he was so excited to learn them. After we listened to him wail on the piano for a while he decided to bear his testimony which was very unexpected but he basically just told us he is proud to have us there and that he knows what we're doing is good. We left shortly after and we didnt exactly know why we were there still until we came back friday and he said he hadn't smoked since the last time we'd seen him.......... so ya wow! I don't exactly know why us knowing about his interest in music was the key but hey, God works in mesterious ways so I won't argue with it. So that was a fire hose from the spigget of heaven this week. We also had the classic first-lesson-where-the-lady-starts-crying-because-she-found-the-truth lesson this week too.
     We also baptized Stephen this week which was awesome and both of his parents came and loved it. I gave him the Holy Ghost yesterday and that was my first time but it was awesome! He's just gonna be a super powerful member and I hope even bring his family back.

     Oh ya, and I guess there really is supposed to be a hurricane still. They announced it in zone meeting that it's 90% chance I guess. We'll see.
      I think I have to go soon so I'm going to end it here. See y'all       
 -Elder Clements