Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm Finally a Real Missionary!

Golden Selfie
Yep. This week I finally finished training! It doesn't feel much different except now we can start teaching lessons at 10:00 in the morning instead of noon. That will help a little. This week, not gonna lie, was actually a pretty rough week. The biggest thing is because I've been pretty sick the entire week. That put me into a bad mood the entire week and I was just really irritated at everything and everyone all the time. We also were working extra hard this week because my companion wanted to get stardards of excellence once before I was done with my training because it's lower during training. That sucked. especially when I knew we were doing a lesson super poorly because it was just for a number. Plus some of our investigators started to fall apart so that was tough too. So ya. Halloween was interesting. Most of the day wasn't great because I was sick but at the end of the day we told ghost strories by  the light of our apple-cinnamon candle. That was pretty cool. I love candle light night.
     I am just tired and can't think of much to say but I'll send some old pics. K, good week, that's all fer now folks. ~Elder Clements
typical Papeete building art