Thursday, October 15, 2015

I finally have time

Well another quick week has rolled arround again and it's P-day! We just got back from shopping in Papeete and earlier we went on yet another hike and also learned just how much our little toyota avanza can take. whudda trooper. I have a lot more time this week for emailing which is pretty cool so I can actually tell what is going on with our investigators. Infact I'll just start right into it.
     Steven: T minus 2 days till his baptizm and I am so stoked! I can't believe how much he already understands and how ready he is. We had his baptizmal interview this week and he may as well have been teaching us! After that he was talking to me and he pulls out this picture of one of the temples that we gave him and says "wow! that is really really really really really beautiful. I'd like to go there some day." Ya this kids power. The spirit was deffinately strong when he said that.
     Thomas: This guy is proof that God prepares! We met him just a couple weeks ago but in the lessons this week with him we planned to ask him to be baptized. His girlfriend is mormon and we thought "heck, why not?" so we taught the retablissement...restoration in english is think, and he kind of looked bored throughout the lesson and I started having my doubts until we asked him if he had ever heard of the Book of Mormon and he told us that he had already read most of first nephi....ok alright then. So after that Elder Millerberg asked "will you get baptized?" (a little more casual than usual) and instantly he says "Oui" and kind of looked annoyed that we'd taken so long to ask him. Turns out he already has a testimony and everything and even does the ponderizing thing on his own from conference. We're just there to...Cover it all deeper I guess. POWER! Our heavenly father knows what He's doing. Also Steven's inactive parents have started coming to church again!!!! President Monson's talk was true stuff. (ya I finally read it)
     Ruben: This guy. I have found the tahitian Earnest T Bass. He was the source of many a chuckle this week. We have been teaching him for a little while and I think that we are going to baptize him but ya just never know with this guy. This week whilst teaching him the word of wisdom and talking about how he smokes pot we asked him "Ruben, do you have any paka (marijuana) with you right now?" "Oui." he says proudly. "can we throw that away right now?" "sure, here" (as he hands us his stash) uhhh....alright then. I didn't exactly expect that but that's progress so we just went with it and threw it away after the lesson. Also ever since we taught him how to say "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen" he has looked for every opportunity to say it. (maybe a little too much) like being late to our lesson and saying "Pardon! Pardon! Name of Jesus Christ, Amen." That's Ruben for ya. But he seems to be super excited to get baptized and agrees with everything we say so I guess he is doing well. He is even really trying to stop smoking paka.
     That's just the best of the moments we had this week and our other investigators are doing well too. We have Heiata who says she prays everyday for an answer and says she feels a light that is right next to her but it is dim and she feels like she's not ready to commit to be baptized quite yet. I feel the same way. I think it's soon though, so keep her in your prayers. Also Mareto who hasn't been moving much lately with the smoking, and all of them in general.
     Well I gotta go and send some pictures now. I really am doing well still, especially spiritually. Never really cared about stuff like that before but now it's just my favorite thing. Oh and I get to go to the temple this week!! Even better!! Well have a good week! Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
- Elder Clements