Thursday, November 12, 2015

Back in the saddle again

Hello everybody. I feel a lot better this last few days so ya. I got tired of it on friday and decided to go to the doctor. Super docteur-ish french guy that was pretty crazy and I could barely understand him. Turns out I have Bronchitis (if thats how you write it). He prescribed me some anti-biotics and cough syrup and I am feeling a lot better. So ya, I can actually do missionary work now! stoked!
     Today was cool. We went grocery shopping in town and then I finally mailed a letter to Grandma. I wrote it like a month ago but never got the chance to send it. Then we all just walked down to the beach and chilled and listened to big band jazz music and John Denver and walked out as far as we could, up to the knee of course. It was pretty cool, I've got pix.

     As far as our investigators, Thomas is going great but his baptizm is in december now because of the marriage. Aaaannndd then the rest are really rocky roads. Mareto has dropped the ball for sure. We are 99% sure he's lying about quitting smoking and keeping his commitments and he still doesn't really want to get baptised. Ruben seems to be avoiding us which isn't good. Heiata has just a mess of a life that we have to try and help clean up if she wants to get baptized, and she doesnt even know if she wants to anymore. We do have some potential investigators but It's proving difficult to get ahold
of them too. We can finally be a bit more busy this week in finding people so that'll be nice. But ya, Haere Maru, Haere Papu. (Go slow, go steady) It'll come.
 I do have a cool experience that happened this week. So it was friday and honestly we were just chilling at the house because I felt terrible and we were getting ready to go to the doctor. The gate was open and I saw some members drive up to the neighbours house and start looking for someone or something. As I was wondering what they were doing I started looking at the crap in the yard that had blown out of the trash can and noticed something that looked much less like crap...A shiny red 10 000 cfp note ($100)!! That was quite the shock but then I looked around and found yet another and another. $300 just randomly found floting through our yard?! We decided that for some reason it had to belong to that couple who seemed to be looking for something even though was still super weird. We asked them if they were looking for something and the husband said that his wife had dropped $400 and she had already found one and he called here over. We gave it back and she must have been the most happy person on earth, started crying and everything. They're a pretty poor family too so that was REALLY a lot of money for them. We all concluded that it was a miracle that we were still there while they were and that the gate was oddly still open so it could blow in, and all that. DEFFINATELY was set up by God so that this would turn out all well and we could gain a little stronger testimony from that. Well I felt the spirit at least, can't speak for anyone else. It was cool. Anyway, just that. OK so I'm gonna go turn 19 this week. That should be cool. The Fariki family (theyre members) invited us over for that night so that should be pretty fun. I love that family. I'll take pictures. Happy Birthday Kriah!!! sis. and may your noodres forever be fulry cooked. (asain accent)
- Elder Clements