Friday, November 20, 2015

First Transfer

Last week with Elder Millerberg
Yes! I am going to be transfered for the first time on my mission! On Wednesday I will be going to the Outumaoro area in Punaauia. Dont worry about pronunciation. Punaauia is next to Faaa and is pretty much the city, a little ghetto actually. I will also be finishing the training of Elder Hanson, my new companion!! I can't believe I'm going to be training right after I finish mine. Not sure if you know but there is 12 weeks of training after you get to the mission field and I just finished that about a week ago. Elder Hanson has done 8 weeks of training with another Elder and I will be finishing the rest. I am SO stoked but also terrified. There are still so many things I don't know how to do very well but now I'm going to have another Elder looking UP to me. This is going to be good for me but also it's going to push me a lot. I'm going to have to actually lead things and be even more obedient than ever. It's bitter sweet leaving Elder Millerberg and Temarua. Temarua is really slow right now and most of our investigators are falling through and such but I still love them all and everybody here. I have some really good friends I'm going to leave here. Elder Millerberg has become a pretty good friend but I'm Super pumped for this transfer!
     Also my 19th b-day was absolutely awesome! The missionary work was a little slow that day but that day I was determined to give it my all and be happy with it so it worked out. I got the package right after sending the email last week and torturously waited till thursday morning to open it. I'll admit I did read the packing slip on the outside but I was still surprised and extatic when I opened it. I've already worn all the ties and pins and I love them all. Even with all 20 someodd ties I had before, I was getting a little bored so this is a good shake up. Also the music equipement just made my mission so much better! I got a bunch of music from Elder Millerberg and Peel and put that on there too so that even optimized it. That night, the Fariki family offered to give us a party and invite the family that normally would feed us that night and that was super fun. We ate some really good chicken and pasta and even had a bunch of cupcakes. Also, an ex-elder, Elder Poheroa (Elder "very dead" in english), was there and let me play his super nice guitar which was an awesome gift. After that we were just at the house listening to music and the phone started ringing, Elder Millerberg looked at it and his eyes got about the size of baseballs and said ''s President!" That is usually a big deal when President Bize calls so that freaked me out, and then to freak me out more, after Elder Millerberg answers it, he slowly hands it to ME!! Turns out he was just calling to wish me a happy birthday and say that him and his wife love me! SO nice of President to do that! It was a pretty awkward phonecall cuz we're both awkward people but super nice of him. It topped off that awesome day.
     I heard about the massacre in france. That news spread pretty quick here like everywhere else. I don't know a lot of details but last I heard was something like 120 dead and 300 ish wounded? That shocked me pretty good when I heard that. Made me sad. It's really the last days I guess. We'll be keeping them in our prayers.
     I finshed the To'ere (tahitian drum) today. I think I might send it back to America with Sister Petit along with some other stuff. Not sure if I said but she is going back to Utah for Thanksgiving and offered to take anything we wanted back with her. If that happens I'll give you the details.
     Thats all I guess. I'll let you all know next week how everything is going in my new secteur. I'm really excited though! K, passez une bonne semaine.
-Elder Clements