Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Short but Sweet

I am emailling early this week because we are going to do the "tour de l'isle" (drive all the way around the island) today. So I braved it and called the assistants to President Bise and they gave it a go so sweet. Again I don't actually have that much time so it's going to be short today too. First my new secteur is really cool. We have a lot of potential and everybody here is really cool. I've already made some good friends. Like I said last week, our secteur is a mountain so we basically go hiking every day every time we go to a lesson. The first week about killed me but I'm starting to get used to it now. My companion is doing well. We get along for the most part. We're also very different people but that's good. Keeps us on track. Had a good day yesterday. I taught gospel doctrine and I think it went pretty well. That really helped me learn some new things. Ok, I'd better go. We still have to go shopping and stuff so we'd better ship off. Arue, ma famille! Faaitoito, restez ferme. Maru noa.
-Elder Clements