Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1/3 of my mission is already complete...


    On wednesday, that will make 8 months on my mission already! The time 
really  passes quick out here. Like I thought, Elder Hanson is being transfered and I am getting a new companion. He is being transferred to Tahaa which is an island out by Bora Bora. Elder Thorpe, another Elder inour house is being transfered all the way out to the Tuamotu's (ring islands). It's a super small one with only a couple hundred people on it. So legit! As for me, I will be staying here but my new companion is Elder Packer! I've met him once or twice, I hear he's pretty cool. He's not here yet but I'll probably get him in the next couple days. The work is finally starting to pick up here in Outumaoro a little. We fixed 2 baptizms this week and one of them is for saturday. Also this week we did more work AGAIN than I've ever done. The standards of excellence is 22 lessons and we did 32 this week! It was a lot of work for sure but it was awesome.

Mami's 76th birthday
      This week I was put to the test with the gift of tongues. In total I spoke 5 languages! One of them doesn't really count because I only said a few sentances. It was practicing Puamotu with Elder Thorpe because that's the dialect of tahitian they speak out there. Another was a lesson we had with a mami from an island I forgot the name of and when we showed up she started speaking Gaevave and didn't really speak french. It's basically Tahitian but you replace all the Rs with Gs. That was quite a task to get through a lesson doing that. Another time this week was when I was on a split with Elder Drugeon in his area. We were going to a lesson to teach repentance but Elder Drugeon speaks 0 tahitian so even though I didn't know the guy I had to lead the lesson and translate at the same time. The thing is that half way through this lesson, one of his other investigators from Tonga walks in and decides we're going to talk about baptizms for the dead (oh help me). in tonga they speak wierd english but he had learned some tahitian and french so he would speak in english and i'd have to again translate for Elder Drugeon in french and the investigator in tahitian AND actually teach the same time. So that's what it was like at the tower of babel. I had the biggest head ache after that lesson but it was cool that God gave me some serious gift of tongues for that lesson.
     As for a spiritual thought, I would like to testify of the principle of patience. It had been a little slow before this last week but because I worked harder instead of giving in, God has blessed me with being able to find two people who are ready for this gospel. Have a good week everyone!

-Elder Clements