Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and 10 Months in!

I hit double digits yesterday!! other than that it was another really fast week. Lessons, watching sharks, doing service and playing guitar. In fact someone told me today I should start a guitar class, so I think I might do that. I think we could find more investigators like that.

     Yesterday was Easter! It was a pretty good day. Not a huge turn out at church but I guess there's never more than like 70 people there anyway. Last night we went to an inter-religion concert at the Community of Christ's chapel. Us Elders did a solo on I know that my redeemer lives. Everybody did really great performances. So that was a cool way to spend Easter. It was a big deal for the Community of Christ. We talked to their main man and he was just passing though to go to know, the temple. 
     We did tons of service this week. In fact we just got back from laying some cement this morning with Amo and president Lindsin. On friday we helped move some gravel and on saturday at 5:00 we helped do 'copra' which is harvesting coconuts and their meat. We chopped open hundreds of coconuts with axes and laid them in piles to dry to help raise money for the branch to go to the temple. That was harder than expected but cool to learn. 

On friday we went to a guys house (Jaques) who has told us four times that we can talk but then bails when we come over. On friday, same thing. No, I'm kinda busy right now raking the yard. but we kept talking and after ten minutes I realized we could have already been done with a message about the restoration. So I decided to do a lesson with out him knowing. 'Hey, before we go can we leave you with something?' "sure." So I pulled out the restoration pamphlet and proceeded to give a lengthy explanation of whats inside (in other words a lesson). He told us that he often feels a warmth when he reads stuff like that. I explained that that's the Holy Ghost and I think that touched him even more. Turns out with a little out of the box thinking and the holy ghost you can find investigators where you wouldn't think.
     So there y'all. Have another quick week. -Elder Clements